Does promiscuous mode on VM adapter needed for VX9000

HI there,
We are migrating from RFS6000 to VX9000, an existing WLAN with APs 6521,7522 and 6562.
For adoption all these APs , does promiscuous mode needed on VM adapter or not, and can you please advice for remote sites adoption over Layer 3 , the topology or ports that need to be configured.

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if you configure a single access interface (management) on the VX 9000 promiscuous mode is not needed.
Thank you for the prompt response, but what if we have 2 VX9000 contollers in cluster mode?
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still not needed you will be clustering you should cluster at layer 3. and mint level 2 assuming you have a multi-site deployment

eg if you have adopted aps using mint level 2 the cluster should also be at level 2

We do not support mixed mint links on a controller

set the cluster

cluster name
cluster mode active (default)
cluster member ip [i]
level <1|2>
cluster master-priority 250
cluster force-configured-state
cluster force-configured-statedelay5

to join a cluster login the secondary box

use the join cluster command

join-cluster [i] user password level 2