download CLI Proxy as I am using a very old Extreme Switch - Summit X450a-24t

I need to download CLI Proxy as I am using a very old Extreme Switch - Summit X450a-24t.
When i login to GUI interface of the switch, and I want to access the CLI shell, it prompted that I need to download CLI proxy. However, i am unable to find any download link to it.

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What version of EXOS are you using?
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I'll send you an email with pointers to the files.
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for sending me the link for download!

Sorry to be asking, but how do I use the CLI Proxy?

I’ve installed the CLI Proxy on my windows machine and when I launch the software, I only see a quick flash of Command prompt and then it disappears.

When I go to Extreme Switch GUI and clicks on the CLI Shell, it shows that I've to download and install CLI Proxy.

Now that I've installed the software, how do it use it so that from the GUI, I can have access the CLI Shell to do configurations.
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CLI proxy has to be installed in the same PC that uses ScreenPlay .

When you install CLI proxy, make sure that Install Service "CLI Proxy" and Start on bootup are checked.

After installing CLI proxy, make sure the service is started.

Then, make sure you exit and reload ScreenPlay, and you'll be able to access the CLI through ScreenPlay.

Hi Daniel,

I've installed with Start on Bootup (checked and CLI Proxy services is running).
Exited and reload Screenplay but still have the error prompt of asking me to download CLI proxy

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Did you remember to log out of Screenplay once CLI proxy was installed and then log back in?

What patch (if there is one) of are you running?
Excuse me.
I have the same problem, when I want to use the CLI Shell, it prompt me to download & install the CLI Proxy from the e-support website.
I can not search out the download site or file.
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  1. Reach out to GTAC and request CLI Proxy file
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No need to contact us - I've updated that article with a link to download a set of CLI Proxy files from our FTP server 🙂
The article links to files for 15.4 and 15.5, but engineering has said that matching EXOS version with CLI Proxy version isn't necessary.