Enabling Radio WMM "disables" access for i/OS & Android

  • 25 May 2020
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we’re having an issue with our system, after enabling WMM on our Radios iOS and Android devices were no longer able to use our Wireless network.

As a workaround, we've set the "Wireless Client Classification" for the SSIDs these devices use to Normal, after that setting, devices where once again able to connect. 
But since both Android and iOS Guides recommend using WMM, I'm guessing there is something we've missed in enabling the feature. 

We're running a VX-9000 with WiNG with 24 RF Domains and 470 Aps ( Mostly AP-7532)

Any ideas?  

1 reply

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I was thinking that

1. WMM is enabled by default

2. WMM (plus CCMP or Open) is required to achieve data rates greater than 54Mbps

So I would recommend to create clean new profile and use it with AP