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External Antenna for AP-7632-680B40-WR

Can I use Extreme Networks Antennas with WiNG AP´s?
I want to connect Access points in freezer environment. One option is to put the AP outside the cold chamber and the Antenna inside.

Years ago we use ML-2452-PTA3M3-036 with Motorola´s AP. There is a better antenna to use with AP-7632?


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Hi Pablo, it would be best to review our Extreme Antenna Suite / Guide for listing of compatible antennas and coverage patterns. The AP7632 with external antenna connectionrs has RP-SMA female antenna connectors where the referenced antenna ML-2452-PTA3M3-036 has an RP-SMA male antenna connector for direct fit to this AP.

RP-SMA female is the same on AP-650?
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That is correct. RP-SMA female antenna connectors on AP-650

Here is a picture of the RP-SMA female connector on the right and RP-SMA male connector on the left.

So the documentation has errors?
Check this:

In the doc, the RP-SMA Male is this one:

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will work with correct resources to get this information corrected. In the meantime - here is a good connector compilation which shows the correct antenna descriptions and gender:

OK, going back to the initial question, is the ML-2452-PTA3M3-036 the best option for the AP-7632?
I Will put it on the ceiling.

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I recommend you to use ML-2452-PTA2M2-036
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The connector in the middle is for BLE and you can use the usual antenna
Thanks all of you for the recommendations