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Extreme AP Wifi security question

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I am looking at all the various methods of Authentication and Encryption and am a bit confused after reading up about it. I havent seen anything saying how I can just set "WPA2-Personal" evel of security.

Can anyone point out which combo I should use to accomplish this?

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Hello Jacob,

Please advise model of AP and firmware version.

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Sorry about that!

We're using AP7532, WiNG v5.8
Thank you.

Are these APs using Enterprise or Swift UI?
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No clue what either of those things are. These were purchased from Zebra before Extreme bought the company...

We have a VX9000 controller that they are connected to and controlled by.
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For WPA2-Personal encryption, from the VX9000 UI, proceed to Wireless/Wireless LANs and add/edit WLAN. Proceed to Security and 'Select Authentication' should be PSK/NONE (WPA-Personal is encryption only). Scroll down to 'Select Encryption' and enable 'WPA2-CCMP' and under 'Key Settings', add the pre-shared key (passphrase). Once done, click on OK button then Commit/Save.
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I knew the place in the UI, just didnt know the correct combo of authentication and encryption. Thank you.

So just so I have this straight-
At the top, the authentication section is only for using "WPA2-Enterprise", which is in connection to a RADIUS server
Then at the bottom, the encryption section is for other methods of security- WPA, WPA2, WEP (and all their current varieties)

Hello Jacob,

From the "Select Authentication" option you can choose either personal (PSK / None) or Enterprise (EAP, etc..). Once you select PSK / None you scroll down to "Select Encryption" and in your case choose the WPA2-CCMP radio button. After you do this, the page will expand to allow you to add the Pre-shared key (passphase). At this point configure your pre-shared key and hit OK first, then commit and Save.

I hope this helps.

Thank you,
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HI Jacob,

for deep understanding of this topic I'd recommend you to read CWSP book.

In short - WPA2-PSK (pre-shared key / personal) is always recommended choice unless you need to deploy Enterprise grade of security (WPA2-Enterprise)
By "unless you need" you can understand "AAA solution is available / required"