Extreme AP6511

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Im trying to factory reset the Extreme AP6511 using the reset button, looking at multiple documents online.

Does Extreme have manual on these so i can factory reset; both these methods dont work.

Extract form the following:
unplug the AP from the power, then using a paper clip press in the reset button on the back of the AP just
above the P/N label. Hold it in until the amber light flashes rapidly
(it will blink slowly at first)
. This should
default the AP back to factory set
tings and enable the “shadow IP”
and the default admin password
once again.
This process takes between 1
2 minutes. Once complete, unplug the AP again and then plug it back in to let it
boot up.
Try ping first and then ssh, finally try https if the other t
wo were successful and you don’t want to use cli to
username and password should be back to the defaults (admin//motorola)
If https is not working, the AP was probably adopted by an RFS at some point. When this happens the AP
deletes the https
interface out of memory to save space and will only respond to ssh. To restore https access log
in first with ssh and follow this process:

Extract from the following:

To revert to factory default configuration using the hardware reset button on the bottom of the unit:

1. Apply power to the AP by connecting a PoE cable

2. Within the first 5 seconds, depress and hold the reset button using a paper clip

3. Keep the reset-button pressed whilst the amber LED blinks slowly

4. After 6 seconds of slow blinking, the amber LED starts fast blinking. The reset-button can now be released

5. The fast-blinking state will continue for 3 seconds, after which the amber LED turns back on

6. After a further 30 seconds, the amber LED will turn off for a period of 1 second. This indicates that factory default configuration has been restored. The AP will continue the boot process normally


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Do you know what software version the access point is on? In the early software releases for the AP4511 the factory reset button did not work due to a firmware issue. This was resolved in software version 5.2.12.

I'm assuming you can't login to the access point, but if so you can "erase startup" and reboot or upgrade to 5.2.12 and use the reset button. If you can't login, does the AP send any traffic at all when booting?
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No cant tell which version i am using, They must all have the same firmware I plug 6 into a switch and change my IP to APIPA, i scan all the IP address in the range and nothing replies.

I haven't tried a packet sniffer yet what will i be looking for? Is this a way to get these back online?

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I was trying to establish a few things with the packet capture:

1. Do they send anything at all?
2. If they do send traffic you might be able to catch a CDP or LLDP message that will give you some idea of software version, IP/VLAN configuration etc.

One other thing you could try: If you have a functional 4511, connect it to these APs in an isolated VLAN and enable it as a virtual controller. If the APs aren't accessible because of some misconfiguration there is a slight chance they will automatically adopt to the virtual controller and you will be able to erase the configuration and reboot them from there.
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
AP(config-device-00-04-96-XX-XX-XX)#commit [/code]
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One other option to finding the firmware version would be to connect the AP to a switch with LLDP enabled, and check the info received by LLDP from that port. If LLDP is enabled on the AP (it would be by default), you should be able to see the software version, as well as an IP address.