Extreme AP7502 firmware upgrading issue

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I have Extreme access point AP7502, I have upgraded the firmware of AP to After upgrading firmware when I try to login AP through GUI showing error 404 not found.

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If you put "WiNG error 404" in the search = upper right corner you get this.

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Hi Ronald,

my AP IP

where i put this WiNG error 404 ?
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Niyas wrote:

Hi Ronald,

my AP IP

where i put this WiNG error 404 ?

What I mean is that you've a search function on this forum webpage for knowledge base articles and other available information.

It's in the upper right corner of this/the TheHub portal

If you search for "wing error 404" the first article in the results gives you the answer to the issue = you've installed the LEAN image instead of the full image.
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Please find the screenshot

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You have installed a LEAN image on the AP.

The LEAN image does not include a GUI to save space for other tasks such as storing Captive Portal pages.

The idea is as you are controlling the AP remotely, there is no requirement to have a local GUI.

if you require a Gui you can use the CLI command on the controller to load a new version of the AP7502 code

If you look at the ZIP file you will see both images



if you use

device-upgrade command

device-upgrade load-image ap7502

URL Location of firmware image
URLs: tftp://[:port]/path/file
IPv6 URLs: tftp://[:port]/path/file
ftp:>@ sftp://[u]:@[:port]>/path/file
on On AP/Controller or RF-Domain

or you can simply use the controller to control the AP as intended.

Please note all new version of controller code should install the LEAN image of the access point code for the above reason

This is different from the LEAN image of the controller which means that it does not include the AP images.
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You need to upgrade your AP one more time via CLI using the non 'LEAN' image.

How To: How to upgrade WiNG AP firmware via CLI using FTP server
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Upgrade using the standard image file, not the LEAN image. Also strongly advise to upgrade to a minimum of v5.9.1.5 to avoid known/resolved issues since v5.9.1.0. The latest/current firmware release for the AP7502 is v5.9.2.3 and should have v5.9.2.4 released early next week.