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ExtremeWireless Wing - Best setup to QOS skype for business

  • 5 July 2019
  • 3 replies

Hello Guys,

We need to apply a QoS to Skype for business in ExtremeWireless Wing Architecture. Getting a search, we did not find any documentation. Could you help with the best practice to setup?

Thanks in advance.

3 replies

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Hopefully this will help:


Thank you,

Hi Chris,

I appreciate your response. Would I like to know if it exists a specific best setup or "how to" about QoS for office 365 in ExtremeWireless Wing Architecture?

Is The VoIP recommendations enough to setup QoS for Skype business.


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Wil, I don't think there's a 'Skype for business' specific how-to/best practices guide.

The VoIP guide should be sufficient for the voice side of Skype though.

If the Windows Skype clients are getting GPOs to configure the client with DSCP values, then the priority values are taken care on the client's side. From there, you just need to ensure that the AP-to-switch QoS mappings are matching and correct.
The good news is that even if they aren't matching, WiNG provides the ability to re-map CoS/DSCP to whatever you want.

Here's the https://about:blank
Refer to pages 4-5 specifically for recommended setup concerning QoS and WiFI related material.
If you follow these settings, the Voice and Video queues will match the WiNG QoS mappings.

Here's the default WiNG mappings:

Wireless Queue CoS Access Category

Q1 7,6 WMM Voice Priority
Q2 5,4 WMM Video Priority
Q3 0,3 WMM Best Effort Priority
Q4 2,1 WMM Background Priority

802.1p CoS From DSCP Range

0 0-7
1 8-15
2 16-23
3 25, 27-31
4 24, 26, 32-39
5 40-45, 47
6 46, 48-55
7 56-63