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Firmware 7522 without support contract

I got an 7522 with a quite old Firmware WING 5.8.0 as i bought it 2 years ago at my old company i was working for, i don't have a contract or a login to your support portal and i want to update my accesspoint as it is at my private home. is there a way to get the latest firmware?

I bought a quite expensive accesspoint so i thought i could get the latest updates for it too as for any other company... please help me out.

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Hi Michael, In order to obtain firmware downloads from the support site you will need to create an account @ https://extremeportal.force.com and the device will need to be under an active service contract. Please see the article below
How can I purchase or renew a support contract for my wireless controller and APs?
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Hi Michael, There is one article to guide you how to create account for extreme portal.

How to create an extranet account

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You need to order a Software & TAC only support. The price is only $17 USD list per AP; not bad IMHO as it gives you access to firmware and on-line support for 1 year.
Assuming your AP is model AP7522-67030-US, you want to order SKU: 97000-H30790
I am in the exact same predicament. I got a demo AP7522 unit from Zebra sales exec who is no longer with the company and I am trying to set it up for the new conference room. I am in Canada. Which authorized reseller/distributor should I contact to buy the firmware (17$ is not too bad I agree).
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Hello Emmanuel,

Kindly request that you could contact to our local sale team in Canada.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
55 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 300
Thornhill, ON L3T 7V9
Tel: +1 289-695-3182
Fax: +1 289-768-4391


I believe that our local sale team could help and introduce the authorized distributor to you for ExtremeWorks(Software & TAC only support)

Best regards,