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firmware upgrade for RFS4000

  • 28 August 2018
  • 5 replies

Hello, i need to Upgrade the Wing Firmware from 5.7 to the latest because i have an AP7632 and i dont have this one in the list, what is the way to upgrade this?

5 replies

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Be sure to consult the release notes for the version you are going to. It will explain the procedure as well as any issues you need to be aware of.
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For firmware upgrade, you may refer to the following link:
How to upgrade WiNG AP firmware via CLI using FTP server

As mentioned by Andrew, you should also check the release note to see if your current infrastructure is supported on the release that you are about to update, release note can be found here:
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In my opinion, this is the simplest way to upgrade your RFS using USB thumb drive:

load Yourself the firmware image of AP7632 on your RFS 4000.
then upgrade your device.


Or you can load the file by cli.

RFS4000#device-upgrade load-image ap7632 tftp://
4-004R.img on rf-domain default

and verify with
RFS4000#show device-upgrade load-image-status
RFS4000-SANDEN(config)#show device-upgrade versions