Free flash

Hi experts! could you please help me with this issue?
On AP7502 event history prints this message:
"Free flash: file system space, 5.6% is less than limit 90.0%"
Did you know how can i solve it?


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Your flash can be full with either crash files, logs or you might have loaded firmware files and saved it to flash.
Check "dir flash://" and "show service crash-info" and delete what's not needed.
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Hello Ismael,

please check following article:

How to remove crash files from WiNG device?

Also, check if there are some extra upgrade files in controller’s memory
dir flash:/upgrade/[/code]That would mean you have manually uploaded firmware packages in RFS’s memory.

Remove those with delete command

delete flash:/upgrade/x.img [/code]Then you can check system memory status with following commands
service show mem service show sysinfo [/code] Regards,