Get JOAN Schedulers disconnecting from wireless, lower power wifi devices

We recently purchased some conference room schedulers from GET JOAN, the schedulers are basically paper-white e-readers that display the upcoming meetings for a conference room. I have the devices configured to connect to a SSID using open authentication with a MAC filter. The devices are able to connect to the SSID, but they will only stay connected for a second or two and immediately disconnect right afterward. I have contacted support with JOAN and they stated the devices are low power consumption devices that connect and disconnect from the wifi to save power and only pull down updates every 5 minutes, unless some one makes a change on the device.

Joan Support suggest checking the DTIM beacon interval and DTIM skip interval on the AP, I have isolated the SSID to one radio on the 2.4ghz freq with a Beacon of 200 and a DTIM of 50 which is the highest available setting in my RFS6k controller running wing 5.8 utilizing an AP 7522.

I can see the devices connecting on the JOAN server and then disconnecting, If i run a ping to the IP of the devices it reaches it but there is around 170ms of latency but all the packets make it.

The Joan devices are not able to get a compete download of the updates becuase of the constat disconnects.

Is any one else out there using JOAN schedulers or low power wifi devices,

On the AP in the radio settings advanced area I have also tired setting the non-unicast forwarding to Follow DTIM and Power Saver aware with no change in the device connectivity.

Any help or suggestion appreciated.

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never ever change beacon interval. Just use the default, 102.4ms interval and fit DTIM to your requirements.

Can you check the logs, why the JOAN disconnect?
Here is part of a log session i did, The thing i see that keeps repeating is the going from state 2 to 3 and then Pv2 errors
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do you have the WiNG log?