Global NTP server is not synchronized with WNG AP 7522

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If we set the date & time manually also after sometimes it's getting changed.
When we use captive portal with time based authentication user are not able to connect guest SSID because
NTP Server issue.

ap7522-A038A0(config-device-74-67-F7-A0-38-A0)#show ntp associations
ntpd not running, no associations status available.

Kindly help us to sort this out​

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Normally AP synchronize it's clock with controller at the time of adoption applying time zone setting from participating rf-domain. This should be always enough for mentioned tasks. NTP is a CPU consuming process and should be used on AP as exception if required. Please make sure that
1. IP is running, routing is ok and NTP server reacheble.
2. "ntp server" (or similar) is specified on AP profile level or device context

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1.It's Virtual controller based concept
2.I am not able to reach NTP server from VC
3.And Also If we change the date & time manually through CLI also after sometimes time is getting changed.
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Can you confirm 2 things.
1) Are you using host name or IP address to define NTP server.
2) If using host name can you confirm that you have a proper DNS server defined.
Test to make sure it is working by pinging a URL like for instance

If you know the IP address of the NTP server try using the IP address and running the 'show ntp associations' command again.