Guest Device Self Registration on RFS4000

I am wondering if it's possible to create a guest access portal using a self device registration on an RFS4000. I follow this guide, but can't figure out how to create a database in the RFS4000 or host one outside of it. I am curently running WiNG

I want the end user to enter his email and receive an acces code by email. Or even just enter his email and then garant access for a period of time. The purpose is to keep trace in a DB.

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Hi William, no it's not possible on the RFS4000 due to limitations with on-board storage.
You will require a VX9000 or NX9610 or ExtremeGuest or an 3rd-party captive portal with external RADIUS database for guest self-registration.
Interesting. How can I connect the captive portal of an RFS4000 to ExtremeGuest installed on a Virtual machine (VMware). Can you guide me in some documentation. What I found for now concern only VX9000 or NX platform.
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The ExtremeGuest appliance would provide all of the services you need for the captive portal. Obviously you would need to appropriately configure the guest WLAN on your RFS4000. Prior to WiNG 5.9.2. ExtremeGuest was installed on a VX9000 platform, but has now been separated out to a stand-alone VM installation. I will look for some documentation for you separately ASAP. Many thanks, Darrel.
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As Darrel pointed out, only the NX and VX controllers have database support. Eguest would be the best method for your deployment and there are a few Eguest documents on the portal that covers the WiNG configuration (in your case, RFS4000) and Eguest server.
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As Darrel and Christopher pointed out already, ExtremeGuest is now separate from the WiNG VX9K Controller and moving forward it will continue to develop and evolve as a separate application. In the following link you will find a collection of How-To-Guides for ExtremeGuest that will help you with your deployment: