Guest SMS gateway on VX9000

  • 23 March 2018
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Dear Friends,

Can anyone help me how to configure the SMS gateway for Guest Users on VX9000 (

3 replies

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With little information that is posted there, I am assuming requirement is for sending sms / sms-over-smtp from VX9000 - adoption controller(legacy)

WiNG controller supports Clickatell's "API-ID" interface, but latest Clickatell "API Key" interface is not supported in WiNG controller.

If there is a previously created Clickatell account with "API-ID" interface, that account will work in VX9000 controller.

Clickatell's latest "API Key" interface (platform interface) is supported in WiNG Guest platform - Eguest server.

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If I understand it right, we can only use EGuest, if we need SMS token? And with EGuest only Clickatell's is supported, not Twilio?

Native support with WiNG (NX, RFS and VX) isn't supported.


I am tying to integrate SMS over SMTP in VX9000, i am using gmail account for sending the SMS. But it is not happening. Anyone have previous experience like this.