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GUI Interface on AP7522E

I am unable to connect to the GUI on the access points connected to a VC, i can connect to the VC but one of the installation tests that we carry out is ensuring that we can browse to the non VC access points. It is an Express access point installation the firmware level is

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Once AP is adopted to controller or Virtual controller, UI access to AP is disabled.. this is by design.
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Hi James,
I'm running a VC network using WiNG AP7622s.
I can connect to any of the APs providing I force a HTTPS connection. HTTP just times out.
Have you tried HTTPS?
Many thanks,
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When an Express AP is adopted to a Controller/VC, it assumes the adopted APs will be managed by the controller. By design, any GUI access will be redirected back to the Controller/VC. Although you cannot access the individual APs GUI interface, you can access the APs CLI interface
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James, If the purpose of the test is to verify connectivity to the other APs, then the simple fact that they are adopted should be good enough.
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Alternative test that can be done on the adopted APs is a CLI connectivity.
Bear in mind that you cannot make any config changes to Express APs from CLI.
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APs adopted by a VC are to be managed by the VC. Therefor GUI access to adopted APs is disabled.
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Just to add you can check the status of the adopted APs from the VC by going to Configuration-Access Points. This should list all of the APs adopted and their 'online' or 'offline' status.
you can re enable it using CLI