Hard to return to DFS Channels

  • 29 May 2020
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I have an AP122 allowed to work on DFS channels.

Usually AP selects channel 136 because it is the only one transmitting on that channel (0 interferences from other APs nearby).

However, after detecting radar signals AP does not come back to that DFS channel after several days or even weeks. Logs keep saying this: “ah_dcd: wifi: [DFS-dcost] wifi1: Invalid channel 136” after radar signal disappears.

I thought that once radar signals are not detected anymore, AP would come back in a matter of minuter/hours.


Any hint?


2 replies

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This is the WiNG forum of the Hub and so you likely won’t get any responses to this with the AP122 being an Aerohive AP.

I’d suggest reposting your question in the ExtremeCloud IQ forum since this is where the Aerohive OS related devices would reside now.

Done. Thank You