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How many MAC address we can bind in single ssid for wing os

Wing Wireless

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Saravana, are you asking how many wireless devices can associate with a single SSID?
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It depends on the AP model, but nearly 100% of the time, the radios support more devices than you would normally ever want to allow to connect. (usually it's 256 devices/radio).
ok. can i connect the 256 client through mac based authentication in a single AP (8533)
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Hi Saravana,

You could, but remember the more devices are connected to the same AP (i.e. the more devices are talking on the same channel at some area), you might experience WLAN network performance drop due to co-channel interference (or, some say for this case, client-induced interference). If those were some devices that need just small datarate and don't talk all the time, it might work (I heard of ca. 170 wireless barcode scanners working on a single AP, but didn't ask how well are they working at that time).
Have a look here: http://divdyn.com/wi-fi-throughput/

Hope that helps,