How to configure DynDNS in WiNG controller

Please share configuration details or templates for integrating DynDNS in WiNG controller version 5.9

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Hi Jimmy,

You can take parts from WiNG default configuration as follows:
interface pppoe1
description PPPoE Client interface
auth-type pap
idle-time 600
no keepalive
no username
no password
no service-name
local-net vlan 1
mtu 1492
no ip address
no crypto map
no ip nat
no use ip-access-list in
ip default-gateway priority 2000[/code]It is going to be as easy as mapping values you have on other side.

In case of DDNS you may follow similar guidance, provided within CLI reference guide
Search for ddns (dhcpv4-pool-config) on page 1438
ddns domainname
ddns multiple-user-class
[i]ddns server [[i]|] {|}
ddns ttl <1-864000>[/code]All available documentation can be found on Extreme Networks portal