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How to configure IPSec IKEv1 to main router at WiNG ( 7643)

  • 29 August 2019
  • 3 replies


I have AP7632 with WiNG 5.9.x and connected it to LTE router and now I want to configure IPSec IKEv1 to my main router. Site-to-site I think is the best choose for me.

Do you have some step by step with example or screen instruction what I must make and how activate this tunnel on 7632 or how to check status or log.

3 replies

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Pablo, see if THIS article gives you what you need.
Yes, I saw the article but still have a problem.
Because when I want to write "crypto ikev1..." i can't, under CRYPTO I see two other options.

So, I try make IPSec from GUI and wizard IPSec but I don't know how to turn on the tunnel?
Because when I go to Statistics-VPN-IPSec I don't see any items also
when I write "show crypto ike sa" I don't see any items.
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Pablo, I'm not seeing the lack of the crypto ikev1 option in a 5.9.6 on an AP.
Can you show a screenshot of where it doesn't allow the option?

Also, regarding your IKEv1 choice, is the AP not sitting behind NAT? If so, you'll need to use IKEv2.