How to create Virtual Controller redundancy

  • 3 August 2018
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HI all,

I am using AP 7532 & AP 7522E, Both firmware are 5.9.2. can i create vc redundancy for these both AP's? possible means guide me. now AP 7532 is a virtual Controller.

8 replies

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Here's a link you might want to check out:
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This should be supported, but we currently have a known issue with the AP7522E being converted via upgrade to v5.9.2:

AP7522E v5.9.2.1 ignores adopt request from regular sku AP75xx with the following message.

Jul 24 15:10:10 2018-07-24T15:12:17.010422-07:00 AP7522VC DPD2: 2018-07-24 15:12:17 mlcp.c:946 mlcp_handle_discover Ignoring discover from non-WiNG Express device

We have SPR (Software Problem Report) #3484 against this issue and issue will be resolved in a future v5.9.x release.

For the time being, I would not configure an AP7522E v5.9.2 as VC redundant until we resolve SPR #3484.
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I tried that link basis. but i dont know where it is Option for RF Domain Manager.

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As Chris Frazee mentioned, you might want to hold off on configuring the AP7522E as VC redundant, until SPR #3484 is resolved.

But to answer your question, the setting is at the bottom of the General page:

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is SPR #3484 is resolved yet does this apply to the AP7532, @ FW5.9.2.1
Is there a setup guide / best practice guide ?
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Fix for SPR #3484 is in WiNG v5.9.3.0 and higher.
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just waiting for our GTAC+ to be setup so I can get access to the FW for the AP's on support

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No problem Phil and documentation is located where firmware is on the Extreme Portal.