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How to disable VLAN routing

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Hi, I Created two VLAN and two SSID in AP 7522E.. That SSID name as First & Second. Vlan1 is & Vlan2 is series. SSID First is assigned to Vlan1, Second is assigned to Vlan2. Now i connected two system as two different SSID's. But these both systems are communicated. How to avoid this problem.

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This AP Firmware is
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By configuring the WLAN ACL Rules will stop VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 communicate to each other.

In the GUI
Go to Configuration > Security > WLAN ACL Rules,
Configure rules to block the VLAN1 and VLAN 2 communication.
Remember to select the correct interface as It will automatically applied on the Interface WLAN you had selected.

Hope this help.

Wei Pin
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