how to migrate licenses from one wlan controller to another?

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I have a cluster with 2 rfs7000 controllers and about 200 Aps in several locations. I bought a vx9000 and I need to migrate the licenses from one controller to another. What would be the correct procedure? Do I have to configure all rf-domain and profiles in the new vx9000 by hand? When transferring the licenses would the APs in the rfs7000 cease to work? Should AP go through AP by changing the input of the controller host?


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Hello Jose

In order to migrate the licenses from your existing RFS-7000 to the newly installed VX-9000 you should start by reaching out to your Extreme account team. The Extreme account team will work with you to complete a license migration form that they will submit to the Extreme GTAC. Once the licenses and Access Points have been migrated to the VX-9000, your account team will work with you to ensure that the licenses are decommissioned on the RFS-7000.

As far as the configuration goes, it kind of depends on how complex your current RFS-7000 deployment is. Typically, we would recommend you rebuild the config from scratch when moving from one platform to another, but technically you could use portions of the existing RFS-7000 configuration to piece together a new configuration for the VX-9000.
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Ok Gavin.
I understand that I will have to update the version of the APs to the same version of the vx9000 so that everything works ok.
Thanks for your quick response
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Hi Jose

The VX-9000 is capable of pushing out firmware updates to the APs as they are adopted, but there are some caveats to consider. What AP model are you running? What firmware version are the APs currently running, and what firmware version will the VX-9000 run?
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No problem. I will see the latest version supported by the AP and I will install the vx9000 with this firmware version. The APs are 6522 and 7522 and the Extreme portal indicates that they support version 5.9.1