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How to reset Wing VX9000 controller Password?

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I have extreme wing VX9000 controller,when i try to login controller -showing access denied.
so i need to reset my password.How to reset controller password?

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Hi Niyas

For security purposes, you cannot change a Wing devices password without first logging in.

You can only gain access to the controller if you reset the system back to factory defaults and re-enter the configuration.

To reset the Controller, you need to access the command line interface through the VM console

UDD = reset
Password = FactoryDefault.

Remember, once you reset, you will need to re enter the configuration
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Hi Niyas,

It's not possible to reset just the password on a WiNG device unless you first log in to the device, as Andy mentioned, this is due to security reasons.

If you have no way of getting the current password configured on the device the next option is to reset the device to factory default state from a CLI prompt.

login: reset
Password: FactoryDefault