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How to set adoption preference?

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I have a situation where remote APs are sometimes ending up on the DR site's VX controller after a communications outage.

Is it possible to set the preference advertised over mint MLCP when APs send MLCP_DISCOVER message so that one adopter (VX) is always more preferred over another?

For instance, preferred = 0 is being returned by both systems
2018-03-14 19:16:17:Received MLCP offer from 172.a.b.c:24576 preferred=0 capacity = 20476 (force:0, level 2)
2018-03-14 19:16:17:Received MLCP offer from 172.d.e.f:24576 preferred=0 capacity = 20157 (force:0, level 2)[/code]Thanks!

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What is your topology? To which controller remote APs supposed to connect if at all? Or you have local controller on remote site? Did you set "controller host" on the Ap? Adoption policy?
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For layer 3 adoption you can use Pool1 and Pool2. Pool2 is used, if Pool1 is not reachable. But the APs don't move automatically, if Pool1 is again available.
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Topology is many remote sites, each with 1-2 APs in their own RF domain, all connected to an Active/Standby VX cluster. The active VX is located at HQ and the Standby VX in AWS.
Connectivity from remote locations is VPN to HQ and to AWS.

Controller host is not used in the AP profile (there don't appear to be preference settings anyway), and each site's DHCP servers specifies option 191 as: pool1=172.a.b.c,172.d.e.f;level=2

To be clear, there is no issue adopting the APs, the problem is that, from time-to-time, APs re-adopt over to the Standby AWS VX (my working theory is that it might be due to intermittent connectivity loss), but don't come back to the Active HQ VX which is where they are expected to be.