How to switch off LED of a single AP 7522 permanently ?

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I have s small private customer solution with 5x AP7522, without central Controller.
one of the AP´s is the virtual Controller.

customer demands that we switch of the LED´s on the AP´s permanently, he don´t want to have

any blinking or flashing.

As per CLI Reference there is a command .. #NO LED for Profiles.

I tried to select the AP via CLI and his mac address and set this command .. "no success"

I tried to select the builtin AP 7522 Profile and set this command "no success"

i made a "commit" and reload .. "no success"

where is my fault ?

I can not imagine, that is not possible on such a professional AP to Switch off the LED´s ...



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can you review that article

also have you test if you login on the AP to use the NO LED command.

Hello , turn off Is possible, but you should not apply over the profile, you should apply over config ap7522 Mac Device.
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The correct format for the command to disable LED via the CLI is:

If you want to disable LED on ALL APs, you need to know the name of the profile applied to the APs, default-ap7522 would be it unless you made changes:
conf profile ap7522 name-of-your-profile
no led
commit write[/code]
If you want to disable LED on a single AP:
conf ap7522 mac-address-of-AP
no led
commit write[/code]
You might need to remove overrides if you've introduced local AP configs and the profile isn't working as expected:
conf ap7522 mac-address-of-AP
remove-override led
commit write[/code]
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If you prefer to use the GUI but are running the enterprise UI follow the below:

configuration --> system profile --> advanced --> miscellaneous -->LEDs --> select 'off'
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