How to tell if 5GHz Channel is setup in Extreme Wireless

Using around 42 Extreme AP3805i with a wireless nac controller. Can't seem to find the 2.4GHz nor the 5 GHz section inside the controller. Anyone have any ideas where this is?

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The AP radio default settings are in > AP > Global > default settings.

Or per AP in AP > select the AP > radio1&2.

But I'd ask whoever installed the controller to give you a short introduction as it might be a bad idea to play around without any skills on the product.
Thanks. I figured as much and they are enabled
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You can also look under the "AP Inventory" Report under the reports tab, which will give you data for all of the known AP's. Under the Topology Column, Rdo "1" is the 5Ghz and Rdo"2" is 2.4Ghz. You can see both the Channel and Transmit powers for each radio under the Antenna Column. The field will be blank if the radio is off.