How to update firmware for the WM3400

  • 25 August 2015
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I'm in need of directions on how to update the firmware for these devices. (WM3400) I downloaded the and I created a FTP here at my office and it appears to work fine when I use the online testing tools. However when I attempt to use the WM3400 FTP option it never seems to even reach my FTP server. I've opened up our firewall and still can't seem to get the FTP to work.

I also tried the USB option which tells me that I can't mount the USB or gives me this error code.

3 replies

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Me again. Are you still getting the "update error. Bad image header, Invalid Image file. " message? Could you post a screenshot of the firmware upgrade configuration window?

Also, if you have easy access to a TFTP server or don't mind installing one temporarily like tftpd32 you could try TFTP instead of FTP.
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Would appear the root issue is a bit deeper than it not accessing my FTP. I SSHd into the remote WM3400 (had to remote into a PC on that network) and it can't even ping our HQ network. I'm able to ping every device on the remote network from our HQ except for the WM3400 itself. I disabled the firewall on the WM3400 but that didn't seem to do much. So here's a quick rundown of pinging:

I can ping the WM3400 while remoted into a PC that is on the same network as the WM3400.

I can not ping the WM3400 from HQ to remote site via our VPN.

The WM3400 can ping all devices on the local network including the Default Gateway.

The WM3400 can not ping anything outside the network, including Google or our external IP address.

I hope this information helps clarify the situation a bit. Really appreciate the help and hope that you're able to explain why the WM3400 is only pinging on the local network. I feel that this is the key to me being able to access the FTP and newly created TFTP....
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Okay I found out what the issue was. Apparently the WM3400 couldn't see anything past the internal network. This required a default route to be programmed into the WM3400. I SSH into the WM3400 -> login -> en -> self -> ip route x.x.x.x (x = my internal gateway) -> commit write memory. Boom now I can ping outside the local network! After I did this the tftp began to work like it should.

Thanks to Joshua Hernandez who stayed on the phone with me for an hour getting this to work. 😣