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I can't reset the AP

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I am using AP 7522. This Firmware is, if i do factory default only reset for IP. not reset for configuration. even login password also not reseted.

above firmware used two AP's. one is VC another one is AP. but Ap is not adopted VC. both are connected same switch. i checked show mint neighbors command. its showing 0 mint.

pls tell me where i did mistake.

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What method are you using to reset the AP?
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please confirm that you have not enabled a multicast filter on the switch, this is block mint discover

to rest the ap

delete startup-config
com w
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Hello, If password still not affected this eventually means that AP is perfectly adopted by VC or some other controller. Misha
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Check if AP is getting adopted with CLI command:

'show adoption status'
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login name as reset & password as FactoryDefault
login : reset
pwd: FactoryDefault

show adioption status
show mint neighbors
show mint links
please your mint policy too, may be the mint configuration is disabled on VLAN or IP.

no mint mlcp vlan
no mint mlcp IP

check your firewall rules on your switch.
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Thank u guys