I have update my AP 6521 in but now I cant connect my device. only the green light is on. Blink (On 2 seconds, Off 2 seconds)

I have update my AP 6521 in but now I can not connect my device. only the green light is blinking. Blink (On 2 seconds, Off 2 seconds).

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What firmware version did you upgrade from?
Does your device see the WLAN (SSID)?
Did you try deleting the wireless profile from you wireless device and recreate it?
By "Unable to connect my device" do you mean unable to get to the Internet or is you device not pulling an IP address at all?
Is the AP still accessible via GUI or SSH from your computer, can you still ping it?

The 2.4 GHz radio seems like it's broadcasting if the LED is any indication, maybe start by deleting and recreating the wireless profile on your mobile unit first.

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from 5.3. AP isn't accessible via GUI or SSH. I can not ping my device. Tank you
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Per 8.5.8 release notes:

2. Note: If upgrading from any of the following releases 5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.0.x, 5.2.1.x, 5.2.3.x,5.2.4.x, 5.2.6.x, 5.2.11.x, 5.2.12.x, 5.2.21.x or 5.3.x, you need to upgrade to 5.2.13 or 5.4.xbefore upgrading to 5.5.x.

If this is an independent unit (not adopted by a controller) you should have gone from 5.3 to either 5.2.13 or 5.4.4 first prior to upgrading to 5.8.x.

  • Do you have a copy of the config?
  • Can you physically access the AP to try and get in via the console port?
  • Do you have a console cable?
  • Is the AP hardcoded with a static IP or configured to use DHCP?
- If you are able to console into the AP, try reverting it back to 5.3 by using the following these instructions:
- Check to see it it's now pingable
- If you cannot ping it, assign a temp static IP on device or try getting in there via the shadow IP (zero config IP address):
- Place your computer on same subnet and ping. If successful, proceed
- Load the config:
- Make sure all is working well
- upgrade to first then to 5.8.x and test

If all else fails, please contact our GTAC team to open a case and further troubleshoot.

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