I need document of Ldap configuration in AP7532

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I need document of Ldap configuration in AP7532?

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What is the full model of the AP? Is it running WiNG Express or WiNG? What firmware version are you running?
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Try the below, it's for different AP but still applies:
How to configure a Summit WM3000 for 802.1x authentication with internal RADIUS, using LDAP to connect to a Windows Active Directory server.
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I'll recommend to use a Windows Server with NPS. It's a better solution and for "free". You can easy install the NPS on a running Windows Server.
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Hi Saravanamurthy,

"old but gold" document Active Directory Authentication - HOW TO GUIDE can be found under this Portal page

Nothing much changed in matter of LDAP / AAA integration, so more-or-less everything should be still valid.