Issues upgrading AP7502 from my controller

I have a RFS40000 controller with some adopted APs (models 6511, 6562,7502 & 7562). My firmware on all of them is
I added an AP7502 which has the firmware, I am trying to upgrade that AP from my controller but I receive the following error: "update error: unable to get update file, ftp/openssl/tar". What is wrong? Do I need to do something else before upgrading that new AP7502?

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Hello, Please check 7502 image available on controller with "show device-upgrade versions". In case it missing - find appropriate ap7502-5.8.6.x-0xxR.img on portal than upload it to controller with "device-upgrade load-image ...". Check flash space availability with "sh file systems" first. Re-adopt or reload APs to start upgrade. Regards, Misha
Thanks Michael