LDAP authentication issue

Hello all.

I am having some issues getting LDAP based auth to work in the captive portal. The LDAP-agent is configured and joined the domain. I have a group in AD with some users for wireless access. I have went through the documentation and videos on youtube with no luck.

Here is the log:

Jun 14 10:32:48 2018: %DAEMON-3-ERR: radiusd[7278]: [ldap_primary] LDAP login failed: check identity, password settings in ldap section of radiusd.confJun 14 10:32:48 2018: %DAEMON-3-ERR: radiusd[7278]: [ldap_primary] (re)connection attempt failed
Jun 14 10:32:48 2018: %DAEMON-5-NOTICE: radiusd[7278]: Invalid user: [danielst] (from client localhost port 1 cli 5C-AF-06-4C-35-12)

Everything seems to be setup correctly. Any of you went through this issue before and can offer some advice?

Thanks, DS

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Is this WING5.9.2? are you using PAP authenticaiton?
We are running WING Authentication is MS-CHAPv2.
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could you raise a support case with us using Extreme Portal and post running configuration so we can check it?

Just an update that I got this working. I misconfigured the bind dn in the LDAP section. Even when misconfigured, it was showing as joined the domain.