License expansion RFS4000 controller

Hi, I have a RFS 4000 controller with an AP license (default license) and an AAP license which supports 12 APs, we need to add 6 APs more, so we bought a license expansion, but the controller doesn't accept this expansion, when I add the license by CLI, it replaces the old license reducing the number of allowed APs (just with the new 6 APs)

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You need to talk to GTAC (support) to resolve this issue.
Thanks Andrew!
I dont have a support contract, is it possible talk with then if I don't have that?
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Hi Yolanda

This sounds like an issue with the Extreme license portal, where instead of adding your existing license count to your new license count, it just generated a unique 6 count key based only on the new license voucher. Because this may be a functionality issue with our system, I do not believe you will have any issues obtaining support from Extreme GTAC. We should help you resolve this and obtain the full license count that you paid for. Please open a case and feel free to name drop my name if you get any push back.
Thanks Gavin!