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Licenses in a VX9000 cluster

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We'd like to create a cluster of two VX9000 instances running at separate physical locations as part of redundancy.

There will be a total of 250 APs.

Active VX - 1x VX-9000-APPLNC-LIC and 2x VX-9000-ADP-64
Standby VX - 1x VX-9000-APPLNC-LIC

This should give us a total of 256 licenses. If the active VX goes down, do we still have 256 licenses, they should be shared?


Best regards.

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Hi Vedran,

Correct, the AP licenses will be shared and moved to secondary in a failover scenario . Please note however that both VX9000s within the cluster need to have appliance licenses.
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Yes, you have the license count on booth systems. Also if you reload the other VX.

Only change cluster settings, if one of booth is offline.

There is a limit of x days, if the other cluster member is offline, for the cluster license. But it was high, like 90 or 180 days.
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Thanks Douglas and Timo.
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The limit is 100 days.

If you split licenses 50/50 you would have 128 licenses per VX, but 256 total. That means you could have 256 APs on VX#1 and 0 on VX#2 or any combination thereof. It is preferable to adopt all APs to one of the two VX and run the cluster in active/standby.
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Hi Vedran,

Kindly add our cluster document as the following URL:

In WiNG 5.x two controllers can be part of a cluster for redundancy for services such as:
  • Access Point Adoption
  • License Sharing
Best regards