MAC authenticated WiNG AP tries to authenticate with more than one MAC address

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What is the reason for WiNG AP trying to authenticate with more than one MAC address? I don't have access to the controller currently but looks like BSSID. I see additional MAC address with last byte incremented by 1 that is rejected by EAC as this MAC address is not in the End-System Group. And it consumes the license I suppose. :(

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Hello Tomasz,
The BSSID is based off of the AP radio mac. When more then one WLAN (BSSID) is mapped to the radio, the BSSID mac increments by one.

If the AP radio mac is 00-23-68-2E-78-C0, the first WLAN mapped to the radio would use this mac address. If you mapped a 2nd WLAN to the radio, the BSSID would broadcast as 00-23-68-2E-78-C1, the 3rd 00-23-68-2E-78-C2 and so on.

Hope this helps.
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Hi Christopher,

I see, this part is clear, thank you.
But why does the WiNG AP tries to authenticate its BSSIDs to the network, when I have MAC authentication enabled on access switch port? How can this behavior be disabled?