mesh redundant links with WING 5.8.6

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How i configure stp+mesh to form a mesh redundant links with wing 5.8.6 ?
I as seen in release notes of wing 5.8.6 is appears: "STP packets coming from a mesh port need to be forwarded to wired ports... and now is allowed by STP"


Should I configure as port channel as alternative solution???


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BPDU's will pass over the mesh link if you have stp enabled on the Wired Switch.. in order for BPDU to cross the mesh.. (not a good idea as it does take up mesh bw/broadcast) . you don't have to do anything. if you want to stop bpdu's from crossing the mesh you enable STP on the GE port of the AP.. its kind of backwards when you think about it.. however , by enabling STP on GE port the AP is smart enough to stop the bc from going out the Radio interface..
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Peter thank you for your reply,

Do You mean, to prevent loop i must to set up stp on the switch ports AND ge of the APS?

Please post please the recommended stp settings of the AP GE port for loop prevention to work properly (CLI of course).

for dual mesh links.. run stp on the Switches behind the Mesh APs... thats it.. no need to run on AP..
The AP will automatically pass BPDU over the Radio interface.
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Thank you 🙂
Can I can use 1 device Wing 5.7 with 1 device Wing 5.8?