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MeshConnex problem with configuration?

  • 27 December 2018
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Hi everyone,

I want one AP in the domain to connect clients being connected only to power. In research, I have seen that is possible with WING MESHCONNEX. However, I made the basic settings according to the functionality documentation, and this is not working. So far, the following settings have been made:

1 - Creating the Meshconnex policy
2 - Inclusion of the policy in the profile of APs
3 - inclusion of the policy in radio2 (5.0) in access points

After that, I remove the network connection from one of the access points, and it becomes inoperative. Can I be forgetting some configuration?

ps: in this domain there are 3 access points (2 AP7532 and one AP732), being one of the virtual controller APs for others, the version of wing used at the moment is

sorry for my bad english, im from Brazil

1 reply

I have a similar issue.

Is there any way to make AP7532 or AP722 to start a mesh connection with another AP only when ethernet link has been broken between the AP and the switch?