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Motorola AP 6532 migration to

  • 17 May 2019
  • 1 reply

i have a customer who has 11 AP's on for all AP 6532s . they need to add two AP''s, so we are planning on migratding to the 7522. is there a migration tool or migration path. Customer is worried about recreating the whole configuration.

1 reply

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Hello Chris,

There is no migration tool that will allow such a thing. I would recommend the following:
1 - Configure the AP6532 APs to use the ANYAP profile and not the default AP6532 profile
2 - Make a copy of the config
3 - Change the MAC address of the AP6532 to reflect that of the AP7522 AP. If you need to change IP address as well go ahead and do so.
4 - Load the config file into the AP7522 (don't save), reboot and test.

Thank you,