multicast RFS7k

  • 28 May 2020
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  I have been asked a question to which I do not know the answer. There are 2 RFS7K units ( primary / backup with 22 AP7532, there are 3 WLANS one we use for company mobile phones / email on the mobile phones and VOIP,

The Question is

 multicast setting,  consider checking is on the wireless controller. to determine if the RFS is  converting Multicast  to unicast on the air ?

How to tell ? and are there any good adjustment to improve VOIP traffic ?



2 replies

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MC-to-UC conversion is happening by default via the applied Radio QoS Policy in the Wireless section.  The default Radio QoS Policy is setup to convert already, but several parameters can be adjusted to alter its behavior.  This Radio QoS Policy is applied individually to each radio within an AP Profile.  In the GUI, it’s in the Radio Settings tab of each radio (radio1, radio2)


Look here for VoIP information.

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Thanks Chris