My New AP 7532 not booting

  • 8 March 2018
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My new AP is not booting. default IP also not pining. If i connect the console, its showing blank black page only. In same time if i connect other AP means thats work fine.

2 replies

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Hello Saravanamurthy,

If the AP is not booting it makes sense for it to not respond to pings or console access.
I'd recommend the following:

*Power on the AP with a known good power source.
*Check LED activity to verify if the AP is powering on.
*If the AP is being powered on (LED activity), attempt to access via console. If getting a blank page, check the baud rate speed is the correct one for AP7532 - AP7532 CLI Baud Rate Speed For Console Connection
*If able to connect via console verify the AP7532 IP address with the command. >show ip int br, then try pinging the AP

If the AP doesn't power on, or powers on, but doesn't connect via serial console connection please follow Ondrej's suggestion to request an RMA.

Thank you.
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HI Saravanamurthy,

If the AP is faulty or DOA, you shall contact your distributor or raise RMA using below process.

Submit an RMA Case on the Extreme Portal