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My SSID is automatically disconnected with in a seconds

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I am using AP7532. Firmware is, using this ap I connect ssid to client automatically disconnected with in a seconds. My set up is isp connected to cyber oam firewall then distributed switch. Next access switch. Finally connected to AP. Clients are getting ip from dhcp. Dhcp configure in firewall. Here customer using ubiquiti ap also. That's running different segment. But I checked without uplink, enable dhcp in ap that time ssid connected stable. If I connect uplink to ap ssid disconnected. So please tell me what I did wrong.

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Awaiting for solutions
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Hi Saravenamurthy,

Do you have a network diagram showing in details what you trying to achieve.
Based on your question, ISP -> Cyberoam Firewall (DHCP Server) -> Distributed Switch -> Access Switch -> AP7532.

If I understand correctly your disconnection happened when you are using DHCP services from the firewall.

You do not encounter any disconnection issue if the AP7532 act as the DHCP server.

Can you show me what is your AP configuration as well?