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NAC limitations using WiNG

Hi! A customer has asked us to get NAC working with the WiNG wireless controller and I'm having my doubts about if this could work with all its capabilities.
Are there any limitations, as far as the visibility of the clients and its properties and permissions are concerned, of this implementation? Could I use every feature of NAC whilst working with WiNG? Shall NAC show the fingerprint of every client connected to this wireless controller?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Juan,

NAC finger print works on all third party products because its not dependent on switch or wireless controller.

If NAC is able receives DHCP requests from client it will be able to learn the finger printing.

NAC can be integrated nicely with the WiNG controller .What is really important to select on the NAC the correct radius attribute to the sent to the WING Controller.

Also we have to make sure that re-authentication is properly configured on the NAC for the WING Wireless

If you find any issues during the test phase please let us know .

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Hi Juan,

please let me know if i have answered your question.

Yes, thank you! I'll let you know if I encounter any problem while testing it.
Hi Suresh,

I'm currently configuring this scenario (WiNG integration with NAC), and I'm having trouble seeing the wireless clients in the End-systems tab.

I've followed a guide 'Extreme Networks Summit WM3000 Wireless Controller and NetSight Suite - Configuration and Integration Guide', but I'm sure I'm missing something.

You previously said 'What is really important to select on the NAC the correct radius attribute to the sent to the WING Controller', where can I select this attribute in NAC Manager? I can't seem to find it. Also, which should be the correct re-authentication configuration?

Thanks, any help will be appreciated.