netsight is compatible with WM3600??

netsigh is compatible with WM3600??

Who version I need??

OneView, Option Wireless shows the following

"No controllers are configured for OneView collection.
Help for this issue is available here"

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You can add the controller into netsight, however it does not show up in the oneview wireless section. That section is only for IdentiFi controllers. It will show up in the devices list.

The services "NAC" "Identity and Access" and Purview is only compatible for IdentiFy controllers??

is recommendable buy "IdentiFy controllers" for get all characteristics of Netsight??

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No. When you go to the Wireless section in Netsight that is showing the dashboard and statistics collected from IdentiFi controllers. the 3xxx series controlles do not fedd that data.
You can use NAC with the 3xxx controllers in several different configurations.
It depends on what you are trying to acomplish.

I Need Implement CP + NAC + Active Directory, see the following through NetSight:
1. What device is used (iPad, Android phone, a portable
2. Implemented Policies Bandwidth (per user).
3. " Application Flows"

and the Purview Solution.
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What switches do you have?
Extreme Networks X440, X460, X670 all infraestructure LAN is Extreme

Thanks you.
OK So a couple things here.

First for purview you need a CoreFlow2 switch to do the flow capture and mirroring.
Second you can get the visability info you are looking for with the Xos switches and IDM or Netlogin. There are a couple docs on this but im not sure if they are on the public website or not. You may need to reach out to your local SE and if he dosnt have them he can get them from me internally.

For the policy piece you can do this in WiNG itself for now with role based policy on the controller. This does require the advanced security license on the controller though. In the long term we are supposed to be getting NetSight Policy support on certain models of Summit switches. Since that is roadmap info you will need to ask you local team about it, i cant post specifics here.

Also you can use certin models of the Enterasys switches that support policy and feed the trafic from the controller through it to do the policy piece. There are alot of veriables here depending on how you have you WLAN deployed.

Hope that helps