No traffic from AP to different VLANs (opposite site works)

  • 1 October 2018
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I've got a brand new APs with WiNG v 5.9 and in this case I'm using Enterprise UI and CLI to communicate with them. I'm struggling with setting up a Radius authentication on a specific SSID and after some time I think I've finally discovered my problem:

I can't ping from AP my Radius server which can be reached through a VPN tunnel, but I can ping and configure AP via https and ssh from this server without any problems (there are .in and .out policies on firewall).

The only thing I can ping are devices in the same VLAN, even when I add policies on a main firewall, for instance workstations ->devices, devices -> workstations, I can ping and access AP from workstation but I can't ping workstation from the AP.

Is there any way I can enable this traffic? It's really frustrating, turning off APs firewall didn't help at all.
Any help appreciated!

5 replies

Ok, static route resolved the problem, but unfortunately it looks like I deleted IP address on my trunk port and dhcp is off. It was my VC. Is there any way to make another AP VC and connect through radio to access UI? Or only console port?
So, it looks like I solved it on my own 🙂. When you do something stupid like deleting IP address from VLAN 1 with disabled dhcp and tagged traffic, here is how to fix it:

Connect to another AP via SSH (for example with PuTTy):

show mint neighbors
connect mint-id xx.xx.xx.xx[/code]>en #self #int vlan 1 (Replace VLAN ID 1 with your native vlan ID if different) #ip address !(Example: #commit write #end #show ip int br (to verify that the IP address has been properly configured)[/code]And thats it 🙂 Maybe this will help someone
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Sorry for the late reply, Adam.
Looks like MiNT saved the day again though. Perfect example of how MiNT can allow you to re-establish a connection to a AP/controller - even when there's no L3 access like in your situation.
No worries Chris, sometimes dealing with problems on your own gives some satisfaction 🙂. It really saved the day, I mean it even saved the whole week. APs are located about 10 meters above the ground in a warehouse. Imagine my happiness when I brought the connection back and didn't have to rent and use an aerial platform 🙂
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Yep, the L2 MiNT connectivity has saved my butt (while working with customers) several times in the past! Incredibly handy function!