Non-unicast traffic

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Hello community,

How can I check how many of non-unicast traffic is ingress WLAN.
I don't see the option of live pktcap of non-unicast traffic ingress WLAN (after it filtered by default broadcast rule)


Aviv K

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Hello Aviv

It appears that no one replied to your original post so i am following up to see if you still need assistance. If you still need help with this can you please clarify the situation? It sounds like you may have applied the default BC/MC filter to a WiNG AP. Are you working to debug a specific issue? Or are you just trying to take a packet capture that would show you if the BC/MC filter is working?
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Hello Gavin,

Sometimes I need to to live pktcap, but don't know the CMD to meet my requirements.
Can I live pktcap non-unicast traffic ingress WLAN ?