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Number of SSID's may use in AP7532 adopted with controller VX9000?

Hi Friends,

I just want to how many SSID can be used in AP7532 model access Points which is adopted with VX9000.

Already 10 SSIDs we are using and all are Hidden networks.
Total of 67 Access Points.
1 Controller
Firmware Version.:-

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Hi Vimalraj,

Good day to you.
Based on below conversation.

Theoretical it can have maximum of 8 SSID per radio (broadcasted).
But exceed 6 SSID can cause significant degradation in radio performance.

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Hi Vimalraj,

To answer your questions in short - it is 16

VX(config-profile-HowManySSIDs-if-radio1)# wlan X bss ?
<1-16> The bss number (4 for ap300, 8 for {ap7602/ap7622}, {ap7612} and
But with more than 8 BSS you have to change the beacon period and performance will significantly drop once you hit more than 6 BSS!
You shall always aggregate WLANs into same SSID and rather use VLAN assignment (RADIUS or CP).

See my favorite SSID overhead calculator