NX5500 as failover for existent RFS6000 and adopt the AP621

A site has 37 AP621 with an RFS6000
We must add a second controller for redundancy - high availability.
We need to know if an NX5500 can do this job , and if can adopt the existing AP621s.

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There are a couple of issues here.

1 - to cluster two controllers the need to be the same model You can not cluster an RFS6000 and an NX5500

2 - 5.4.3 is extremely out of date. you will need to upgrade, but you be limited due to the AP models you have installed

3- AP621's are obsolete. Would recommend investigating upgrading to a newer model
Thank you Andy,
I am afraid we are on the same page! 🙂
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As Andy stated, you must use two of the same model of controller to establish a cluster.
5.8.4 is the last version released by Zebra before the WiNG portfolio was sold to Extreme, and that version appears to have AP621 support, and it is within the supported versions of the NX5500, so it is within the realm of possibility to replace the controllers first and then roll out newer APs without incurring significant down time, and then upgrade to the latest firmware release.
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just a follow up, 5.5.6 is the oldest release that can be provided. This is a contractual restriction with Motorola.
Thanks Andy , really helpful!