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Offline Wing 7562 last online time

  • 30 September 2019
  • 3 replies

Is there a way in the RFS400 controller to see the last time an offline ap was online?

3 replies

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On the controller, go into the Statistics tab, then in the tree, highlight the controller.
In the center column, expand the Adoption section and select AP Adoption history.

In the main viewing panel, find the AP (MAC address) and look in "Event Time" column for the last time it was marked as "un-adopted". Before that, you can also look to see the last time it showed as "Adopted".
Depending on the versions in use, you may see what you're looking for in the output of "Show adopt offline" on the controller. If the controller hasn't been rebooted since the AP last adopted to it, there should be a timer there.

Show adoption history is another option, and depending on your configuration you may also see the events in "show log" or "Show event-history".