Problem with config and code upgrade happening at the same time.

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Wing ver, and ap6522

When new AP adopts to controller, it starts to receive new code. It also gets a new\updated config with a "service remote-config apply-delay 30" also in the profile. Problem is that the new config that is good with the new OS, gets applied before the new code is downloaded and applied, then the AP goes bonkers before the code is downloaded and the AP reboots with a messed up config.

Question is: If I change the "service remote-config apply-delay 30" to a delay of 600 seconds (10 minutes) and the OS code upgrade forces the AP to reboot before the 10 minutes are up, does the new config get applied when the AP comes back up on the new code?

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If you didn't change enforce-adoption from strict to something else - it should not be hapenning. Config push can't happen unless AP is the same version as the controller who is pushing the config.

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We have the following line in the controller device profile..
"enforce-version adoption none"
Does this mean that the config and code will push at the same time or code, reboot then config?